Under directive from the Governor of Tennessee regarding the declaration of a state of emergency on March 12, 2020 regarding the COVID-9 virus, the Tennessee Secretary of State, Division of Business Services is implementing some new procedures.  The State will provide a secure and confidential drop box for all orders to be submitted to their office.  Those orders will be collected throughout the day and, once completed, all evidence will be sent back via U.S. Mail.   These new procedures will begin on Monday, March 16, 2020 and will remain in effect until further notice.

Most importantly, we need you to be aware that the Secretary of State is open for business, with just a few changes in how the work we submit in person is being handled.

In response to the State‚Äôs new policy, we have reached out to several people at the State in a supervisory capacity to determine what we can do to make these new procedures lessen the impact for our clients.  We understand that all work submitted via this secure drop box will be scanned in and processed on the day it is received by the State.  As always, the file date for all Corporate and UCC documents will be the date the filing is submitted and accepted by the Tennessee Secretary of State.  We have been assured that a filing officer will contact out office before any filing is rejected and we will be given the opportunity to correct any issues before a formal rejection is issued by the State.

Since all evidence will now be sent to our office via U.S. Mail, the turnaround time for all Corporate and UCC filings, as well as all Certified Copy and Good Standing orders that have a Tax Clearance, is estimated to be about 5 business days.  The State does offer on-line filing for several Corporate documents as well as UCC filings.  To the extent that we can do so, and with approval from our clients, we will begin to utilize those options.  This on-line service will allow us to continue to provide next-business day turnaround time (and even some same day turnaround) for any orders for which on-line filing has been approved. 

The State has reduced their staff and are rotating employees in the office to practice appropriate social distancing in their office.  This reduction in staffing will continue at all State offices until April 24, 2020. 

To review a list of the Corporate filings for which on-line filing is available, click HERE.

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